The Two Rectangles Are Similar. Which Is The Correct Proportion

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The two rectangles are similar. Which is the correct proportion for corresponding sides? Are the polygons similar? If they are, write a similarity statement and give the scale factor.


Answer:A) 4. B) Yes.C) Scale factor = 2Step by step explanation:We can see from our rectangles that width of first rectangle is 4 meter and width of our second rectangle is 8 meters. In addition length of first rectangle is 12 meters and length of second rectangle is 24 meters.Let us see our given options one by one.1.   In 1st option lengths of rectangles are compared to widths of rectangles, therefore, 1st option is not correct.2. In this option proportions are not in corresponding order.3.  In this option proportions are not in corresponding order.4.  We can see that length and width of both rectangles are in same proportion, therefore our given rectangles (polygons) are similar and 4th option is the correct choice.Let us find scale factor of our similar rectangles by comparing width of our both rectangles. We can see that width of second rectangle is 2 times the width of first rectangle, therefore, our scale factor is 2.

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