This Is The Monthly Budget For The Reed Family

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This is the monthly budget for the Reed family. What percent of the expenses is spent on utilities? Housing = $800.00 Groceries = $425.00 Utilities = $285.00 Miscellaneous = $120.00 Transportation = $150.00 Insurance = $286.00 Savings = $200.00 Healthcare = $60.00 Clothing = $50.00 Total Expenses = $2,376.00


Answer:Divide the amount spent on utilities (285 dollars) over the total expenses (2376 dollars) to get…Move the decimal over 2 spots to the right to go from 0.1199 to 11.99% which is the final answer (this is approximate as well)Note: Moving the decimal over 2 spots to the right is the same as multiplying by 100.Step-by-step explanation:285/2376 = 0.11990.1199*100% = 11.99%

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