Triangle Knm Is Isosceles, Where Angle N Is The Vertex. What Is The Measure Of Angle K? 11 25 50 65

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BRAINLIEST IF ANSWERED Triangle KNM is isosceles, where angle N is the vertex. What is the measure of angle K? 11 25 50 65


we know thatAn isosceles triangle has two equal sides and two equal anglessoKN=NM∠K=∠MThe line NL bisect the triangle KNMthereforeSolve for xFind the measure of angle N∠N=substitute the value of x∠N=Find the measure of angle K∠N+∠K+∠M=remember that∠K=∠M∠N+2∠K=substitute the values and solve for ∠K∠K=thereforethe answer is the optionthe measure of angle K is

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