What Is The Quotient (65Y3 + 15Y2 − 25Y) ÷ 5Y?

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What is the quotient (65y3 15y2 − 25y) ÷ 5y? a. 13y2 3y − 5 b. 13y3 3y2 − 5y c. 13y2 − 3y 5 d.13y2 − 3y − 5


Keywords:Division, quotient, polynomial, monomialFor this case we must solve a division between a polynomial and a monomial and indicate which is the quotient.By definition, if we have a division of the form: , the quotient is given by “c”.We have the following polynomial: that must be divided between monomy, then: represents the quotient of the division:Thus, the quotient of the division between the polynomial and the monomial is given by:Answer:The quotient is: Option: A

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