Which Function Below Is The Inverse Of F(X) = The Quantity Of Two X Plus Three, Over Five.?

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Which function below is the inverse of f(x) = the quantity of two x plus three, over five.?f−1(x) = the quantity of five x plus three, over twof−1(x) = the quantity of five x minus three, over twof−1(x) = five over the quantity of two x plus threef−1(x) = five over the quantity of three minus two x?


Answer: f⁻¹(x) = the quantity of five x minus three, over twoC is correctStep-by-step explanation:Given: We need to find inverse of function f(x) Step 1:  Set f(x)=y Step 2: Switch x and y Step 3: Solve for y (isolate y) Therefore, Now we write as sentence form, Inverse of f(x) is 5 times of x minus 3 over 2.Hence, f⁻¹(x) = the quantity of five x minus three, over two

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