Which Function Has Two X-Intercepts, One At (0, 0) And One At (4, 0)?

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Which function has two x-intercepts, one at (0, 0) and one at (4, 0)? f(x) = x(x − 4) f(x) = x(x + 4) f(x) = (x − 4)(x − 4) f(x) = (x + 4)(x + 4)


The answer is f(x) = x(x − 4). In order to solve this problem, you must plug in the x-values into the function and see the value you get. When you take the equation f(x) = x(x − 4), when you plug in 0 for the x-values, you get 0 for f(x), and when you plug in 4 for the x-values, you get 0 for f(x). The rest of the functions don’t produce these values, so f(x) = x(x − 4) is the correct answer.

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