Which Graph Models The Function F(X) = −4(2)X?

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Which graph models the function f(x) = -4(2)x?


Answer:Option C is correct.Step-by-step explanation:The exponential function is of the form:  where a is initial value and b  is the base.*If base b>1(i) For positive value of a.If x increases then, f(x) tends to positive infinity.(ii)For negative value of a.if x increases, then f(x) tends to negative infinity.*if 01From the above definition,as we increase x , f(x).Y-intercept ( plug x =0 to solve for y)Substitute the value of x =0 in given equation;Y-intercept (0, -4)Therefore, the only correct option is C because if we increase the value of x,  the function f(x) tends to negative infinity and also it cut the y-axis at y = -4.

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