Which Is A Factor Of X2 + 8X – 48? (X – 6) (X + 4) (X – 16) (X + 12)

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Which is a factor of x2 + 8x – 48? (x – 6) (x + 4) (x – 16) (x + 12)


Answer:Option D is correctThe factor of the equation is (x+12)Explanation:Given the equation: In Algebra, factors are that we can multiply together to get an expression.Use a factoring strategies to factor the given equation:orx(x+12) – 4(x+12) = 0Taking x+12 as common factor; then(x+12)(x-4) = 0x+12  and x -4 both are  the factor of the equation .Therefore, the only factor from the the given option is correct for the equation is (x+12)

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