Which Must Be True In Order For The Relationship △Zyv ~ △Xwv To Be Correct?

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Which must be true in order for the relationship △ZYV ~ △XWV to be correct? a. ZY ∥ WX b. ∠Z ≅ ∠Y and ∠W ≅ ∠X c. ZV ≅ VY and WV ≅ VX d. ∠Z ≅ ∠X and ∠W ≅ ∠Y


Hey there!In order for two figures to be congruent, each named angle must correspond and be congruent to ONE other angle. If you have ZYV and XWV, Z must be congruent to X as they both show up first in the ordering.This means…∠Z≅∠X∠Y≅∠W∠V≅∠VOur first answer option has to do with parallelism, which does not influence if certain angles are congruent or not. For the second answer option, ∠Z is congruent to ∠X, not ∠Y, so it is incorrect.For the third answer option, it shows that ∠Z would correspond to ∠V, but it does not, so it is also incorrect.For D, ∠Z IS congruent to ∠X, and ∠W IS congruent to ∠YTherefore, our answer is D) ∠Z≅∠X and  ∠W ≅ ∠Y.I hope this helps!

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