Which Of The Following Best Explains Why Mc021-1.Jpg?

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WILL MAKE YOU BRAINLIEST!!!! Which of the following best explains why mc021-1.jpg?


Option D is correct.The best explanation for the following ≠   is; The angles do not have the same reference angle or the same sign.Explanation:Why: ≠   *Every trigonometry function is positive in the first quadrant.  *In second quadrant only sin is positive and its inverse cosec. Rest all the function are negative.*In third quadrant gives positive value only for tan and its inverse i.e cot*In fourth quadrant gives positive value only for cos and its inverse sec.The value of   = -0.57735026919and the value of   = -1.73205080757.therefore, the values of ≠  .Also,the angle lies in the second quadrant and the angle lies in the fourth quadrant.Hence, the angles do not have the same reference angle or the same sign.

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