Which Products Result In A Difference Of Squares? Check All That Apply.

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Which products result in a difference of squares? Check all that apply. (5z + 3)(–5z – 3) (w – 2.5)(w + 2.5) (8g + 1)(8g + 1) (–4v – 9)(–4v + 9) (6y + 7)(7y – 6) (p – 5)(p – 5)


Answer: Option 2   and option 4 Explanation:In option 1  which is not the difference of squaresIn option 2 using the formulaClearly, the difference of squaresIn option 3 not the difference of squaresIn option 4Clearly the difference of squaresIn option 5 not the difference of squaresIn option 6 not the difference of squares

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