Write The Steps For How To Use A Number Line To Multiply A 2-Digit Number By 20

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Write the steps for how to use a number line to multiply a 2-digit number by 20. give an example


To obtain the multiplication of digits number by first jump two times the digit number then jump times by the result we get in step 1.Further explanation:A straight line that has all real numbers is known as number line.The steps involve in multiplying 2-digit number by are as follows.1. First multiply the two digit number by 2 and the get the result.2. Multiply the result by to obtain the final result.For example we have to multiply by on the number line.Following are the steps involve in multiply by on the number line.Step 1Multiply 15 by 2 as,Make 2 jumps of 15 to get 30.Step 2Multiply to to obtain the final result.Now make 10 jumps of 30 to get .To obtain the multiplication of 2 digits number by first jump two times the 2 digit number then jump times by the result we get in step 1.Kindly refer to the image attached to the question.Learn more:1. Problem on multiplication tophomeworkanswers.com.com/question/5737292. Problem on division tophomeworkanswers.com.com/question/5451323. Problem on lines tophomeworkanswers.com.com/question/8554769Answer details:Grade: Junior schoolSubject: MathematicsChapter: Number lineKeywords: two digit number, number line, twenty, multiply, add, jump, examples, multiplication.

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