What Is One Of The Main Ideas Of How Soon Hath Time

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1. What is the one main idea of John Milton’s “How Soon hath Time””? A.People cannot change their fate. B. People mature at different rates. C. God does not care what jobs we do. . 2. Which of the following sentences has correct punctuation? A. Laura has an Australian cattle dog I have a miniature Schnauzer. B. Laura has an Australian cattle dog, I have a miniature Schnauzer. C. Laura has an Australian cattle dog


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  • The correct answers are: 1)A The poet states that he feels as if he hasn’t matured yet (physically), but he is only referring to himself not to people in general, so the correct answer isn’t B; in the last line the poet leaves his fate in the hands of God, believing in His judgement, whatever it may be (C is wrong as there is no mention of God not caring about people’s jobs). 2)C The semicolon is necessary to separate the complete sentences which are still closely related to each other; the comma doesn’t create the necessary break between them.
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